Friday, December 6, 2013

Pizza 2 review

Santhosh Narayanan is the hero of the movie. What an outstanding background score Santhosh, take a bow.  One of the best scores in a thriller in recent times. The Atmos effect is also very well done.  Songs however fail to register. Deepak Kumar Padhy's cinematography is outstanding. The lighting, both interiors and exterior of the villa is very well done, apt for a thriller. Technically movie is one par with the best. It is astonishing how these new generation of film makers are able to make movie this stylishly and technically this grand with limited budget. The doyens of Tamil cinema, are you listening.

Ashok Selvan as the protagonist (though not in the regular Tamil cinema sense) is adequate. Though he lacks the charisma of a lead, he still manages with his sincere effort. Sanchita Shetty is totally clueless about what is happening and what she is supposed to do. From her promising effort in "Sudhu Kavvum", this is a difinite fall from her. Vegan Rajesh gets a good part after a long time and he has done it well. Nasser is adequate while rest of the cast have done their parts to satisfaction.

It is heartening to witness the young generation of Tamil movie makers trying out various genre and themes which are till now not much tried by our more established directors. Also the home work and research these guys put in and the quality of the end product they come up with are heartening. One can only hope that like Malayalam cinema is undergoing a brilliant transition after the young filmmakers started to take over, Tamil cinema also will follow suit.

On the whole, "Pizza 2: Villa" is a neatly done suspense thriller that is engrossing, technically brilliant with outstanding background score, notwithstanding average acting.

Bottomline: Exciting times for Tamil cinema.


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