Friday, December 6, 2013

All in All azhagu raja review

All in All Azhagu Raja" (AIAAR) marks the halt to M.Rajesh's hat-trick of success and marks the hat-trick of duds for Karthi. It is really astonishing to see Karthi outdoing himself with every movie of his with his absurd script selection. After "Siruthai" became a surprise hit, smitten by the mass hero tag he has chosen movies like "Sakuni", "Alexpandian" and now this one, all of them worse than the predecessor. With  AIAAR, he has hit all time low. It will be a greater challenge to someone to make a movie that might be worse than this, and hence Karthi can heave a sigh of relief that his worst is over and he has only things to look up from here for currently he has hit the rank bottom.

One can see this coming from Rajesh. He too seems to be loosing his touch with every other movie of his. His previous "Oru Kal Oru Kannadi" was the weakest and most loose of his three previous movies somehow managed to hit the right chord with the audience. But this time he has made it sure that not even those who are starved of entertainment of any sort in their life would find it amusing. Not even a single scene makes you laugh, it only irritates. It would be a difficult challenge for anyone to finish watching this movie in theater. Only solace in the movie is Radhika Apte and the "Unnai Partha Neram" song and its picturization. Everything else is unmitigated torture. Wonder what anger the makers had on the unsuspecting Tamil cinema audience.

Karthi needs to do a lot of soul searching. It is really surprising that coming from a family of intelligent actors he is not able to choose scripts that are at least okay, leave alone interesting. Movies that he has been doing off-late not only look bad on screen would not have looked any better on paper too. He should come out of his current brain fade for he is a good performer, earlier movies of his bear the testimony to the fact. Kajal Agarwal has made it a point to star in the most silliest of roles it seems. When was the last time we saw her in a more bearable role, probably never.

Prabhu is getting overboard with his histrionics and irritating dialogue delivery. In the whole movie he is in the "Yenna koduma Saravana ithu" mode. YENNA KODUMA PRABHU SAAR ITHU..??!! Saranya is wasted totally. Santhanam is continuing with his poor form. But it is heartening to see him putting some effort in trying to do something different coming out of his comfort zone, banking just on his one-liners. Radhika Apte is pleasing to the eyes and is one of the few reason why one can sit through the second half albeit for for just half an hour.

Thaman's Ilayaraja inspired songs are good to hear. "Unna Partha Neram", a throwback to the vintage 80's is an instant hit.

Sakthi Saravanan's cinematography is nothing much to rave about. Movie is technically there or thereabouts.

On the whole, with "All in All Azhagu Raja" Rajesh has invented a new genre, like romantic-comedy, adult-comedy, black-comedy, slapstick-comedy, AIAAR is  "ANNOYANCE-COMEDY".

Bottomline: Exasperating watch.


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