Sunday, January 31, 2010

Selvaraghavan Speaks

AO had few uneasy and crude scenes; do you think such strong scenes were necessary for the film? Some of your critics accuse you portraying perversion

Selva Raghavn: Imagine how people lived 800 years ago. They lived like that. Females wore such clothes. I needed to show it as a creator.

I know you would deny it; but it is absolutely apparent that the movie has an Eelam Subtext and many reviews have written about it as well.

Selva Raghavan: No, absolutely not. Such things are not exclusive to Eelam isn’t it? Even people in Serbia were victims to such inhuman acts shown in the film. We are deeply affected by such issues. So, it’s pretty obvious people relate to it. But, my intention was not to refer Eelam.

Your films always end up portraying darker side of Sex, like for example say Child abuse; is it because of your disturbed childhood?

Selva Raghavan: (Laughs) No, I have had a very secluded childhood, that doesn’t mean that I was disturbed. It’s just that I want to convey issues in a powerful way. It’s just my way of making sure the audience talk about it.

Do you think our Tamil fans are ready for films like Ayirathil Oruvan?

Selva Raghavan: Absolutely yes. You can see it. Majority of the formula films are not successful today. Every body knows it; I don’t have to spell it out. You know it too.

But yet, many good films are not successful today, even though we take heart from the fact that most of redundant formula films are flops?

Selva Raghavan: I hope AO makes a difference! (Smiles)

Still, you are not happy with something, isn’t it?

Selva Raghavan: Yes, We pull each other down very often, when we should be supporting each other. Flaws are always there in every film. But I believe we don’t say it the way they have to be said. If AO does well, 10 other films of the same genre will be made.

Many critics have opined that Ayirathil Oruvan is an inspiration of many Hollywood films. Is it true?

Selva Raghavan: Please ask them to show me those films from which I have ripped this story off, I will quit film making. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering to help me find a job.

What’s the obsession with Hollywood, why do film makers market their film as “equal to Hollywood standards?"

Selva Raghavan: I think we are trapped into that mindset. We need to break it. James Bond films do not take our films as standards, why should we take their films as our standards?

Film makers do it all the time isn’t it? They always want to compete with Hollywood. Obviously Hollywood’s standard of graphics and the visuals are better. Am I Right?

Selva Raghavan: Yes, they are. But if you take the kind of films Hollywood has been making for the last 2 years, they have truck load of crappy films as well. Where is the standard then? As far as I am concerned, I never said this film is of Hollywood standards. If it’s being marketed as one, I do not have any control over it. Hollywood does not set standards for me.

Any Bollywood plans?

Selva Raghavan’s Ayirathil Oruvan might have garnered mixed reviews from the critics, but the cash registers haven’t stopped ringing yet. This magnum opus shot with an expensive budget and strong script has been released in 350 screens around the world.

Selva Raghavan sits down for tete-a-tete on Ayirathil Oruvan, Sex and more.

What’s your take on the sharp criticism that AO lacks logic in many places?

Selva Raghavan: We see so many Hollywood films today like Harry Potter and Avatar. Somehow no logical questions are asked for those films? I think Fantasy films should be treated as fantasy. If not, then what is the point in making a fantasy film?

Fan boys of history are miffed about your depiction of the Chola’s as barbaric and backward - Your comments on the issue?

Selva Raghavan: We have clearly mentioned that the movie is a work of fiction. But, we couldn’t just depict Chola king without any sort of understanding, the base was laid by research. I do not know how to say it, I will leave it to your opinion whether history can be tweaked or not to make up a fictional story.

The movie is well poised for a sequel; will you make one?

Selva Raghavan: Definitely, without doubt.

Selva Raghavan: Yes, I have signed a film with UTV. It will be on the floors soon.

Why do most of your films take a long time to hit the screens; many accuse you of bad planning.

Selva Raghavan: Pudhupettai was my mistake, and I have learnt from it. AO was not a mistake. It was a difficult film to make, and we planned it well and finished it in spite of infinite hiccups.

Whats up with your next film with Vikram?

It is a different kind of an film, but not like AO; it will be commercial as well. I don't work with a format. So, It will be good in its own way.

Selva Raghavan Signs off with his inimitable style and persona.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ultimate star rocks :)

**I was never a so called ‘fanatic’ of any actor in tamil till I reached my college . During those days , I was forced to pick one team , the ‘Thalapathy’ group or the ‘Thala’ group . When I thought about it , Ajith looks good , Vaali , Amarkalam and Kandukondaen were all good , so I decided to pick the ‘Thala’ group . Frankly , I was forced to be a fanatic .

Days went by , and I regretted my decision . Except for the celebrations on the first day of release with my friends , and the fun involved fighting with the ‘Thalapathy’ team , I hardly enjoyed a single movie of Ajith . I even thought of swapping teams , but because of fear of life , I did not do that .

Times went by , college days were over and Thala and Thalapathy groups bid goodbye with tears . Now I was back to base , and I could make any choice once again . I decided to stay away from both and be the so called ‘neutral’ .

However , this ‘neutral’ thing was not really working out as I was getting excited everytime I hear a news about Ajith . I tried to stay away , but I realised I was uncontrollably addicted when I went for the first day show of ‘Aalwar’ .

Disappointment after disappointment did not stop me from going for a Ajith movie . I was in Kerala , and I became a joke in my office being a ‘Thala’ fan . I remember arguing that it was great acting in ‘Varalaaru’ eventhough I knew it was terribly overacted . ‘ Billa’ was a ray of hope , atleast my friends agreed that he looks fantastic . I still had to go back to the good old history of a ‘Vaali’ or ‘Kandukondaen’ to prove that he is a good actor .

The strong point all through my journey as a ‘Thala’ fan had been the co-supporters . I have never seen anyone except me , who thinks there are flaws in our ‘Thala’ . “Machi , konjam thoppa erunthaa ennada ,namma Thala pola varumaa? “ One of my colleagues recently told me .

I knew ‘Aegan’ will be boring , still I ended up in the first day show , now there is ‘Asal’ and I know there will be nothing greater than good looks of ‘Thala’ in that one too . But still I will be there on day 1 . No wonder he has the biggest opening .

Well ,let me confess something . Ajith Kumar is not a great actor , he is one of the worst when it comes to movie selection , he is not focused in his work , he is fat . But , even then , I cannot help saying this

“Machi , whatever , namma Thala pola Varumaa? “**

Friday, January 29, 2010


MAIN ENTRY: - BALA [Baa-Laa] -

Part of Speech - noun


A highly intellectual lone dissenter artist who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates

An exceptionally natural intellectual, especially showing the intellect in creative and original work of art.

The one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe.

Synonyms: Maverick, Genius, God

Origin/Epitomology: Tamil Cinema, Balu Mahendra

Usage in a sentence - Tamil director Bala wins national award for his film Naan Kadavul.

Meaning: - BALA is a name of a Tamil film maker. He makes brutally honest and honestly brutal tragedies for a living. Though only four films old, the man has set very high film making standards and is now looked upon as the face of the revolution of Tamil cinema. Idolised and closely followed by other maverick young film makers like Ameer, Sasikumar and Ram, big brother Bala just got recognized with a National Award for what truly was the most difficult film of his career - Naan Kadavul. A twin tale of about death and destruction - Brothers in arms. What sets Bala apart from any other director in India is the authenticity of his work and the gravity of his content. Not one film of his has failed to stun an audience otherwise used to glossy fun-fare at the theatres. Let us take a closer look at the four marvels of this magician.

Entry NO.1 - SETHU

It is all going fine for a famous college student. There is the usual fun, the usual gangs, the usual fights, the usual confusions and crushes, the usual love turning serious, the usual issues with cast and creed. What is different? It is at this point our man takes over. Spinning into the tale a nerve racking tragic twist, Bala couldn't have chosen a better way to enter the film world. The film went on to launch the career of Vikram, now a star and a highly respected actor. The film was also a runaway success and will always be remembered for granting the tragedy genre a long due rebirth and of course for Ilayaraja's soul stirring works, one of his better compositions in years.

Entry NO.2 - NANDA -

A disturbed childhood, the kid ends up killing his own father for abusing his mother. Back from the juvenile prison, Nanda is hired directly into the world of crime. Richer he grows and powerful he becomes, but no one is happy. The demons of the past and the dire need for a normal life haunt both mother and son. All set for the most natural climax possible. She poisons the food, feeds it to her son and eats it too. A dark film with an underlying theme of sattire and very subtle humour. Bala's most underplayed effort struck gold among the critics and also helped Surya fetch rich laurels and acting lessons that he now savours for life. The "DIRECTOR" in the true sense succeeded again, 'DIRECTING' his protege into fine tuned acting.


The first of Bala's two twin-tales. Here the two protagonists are very different, in deeds, in moods, in life and in death. One man is a street smart thief, lovable, good at heart and a bundle of energy, the other has seen only death all his life, nothing else. Fate makes the man meet the animal and rest of film is a tale of friendship, love, faith, loss and one brutal revenge. A national award for Vikram and one of Surya's most remembered and most hilarious performances, this film yet again set new movie-making standards the moment it hit the screens.


Yes Bala, we agree, You are GOD! WHAT AN EFFORT. No story of the dead and the deserted has been this comprehensively portrayed on screen. Naan Kadavul talks about the beggars world, people who have only one solution to a better life - Death. In a very parallel stance, Bala brings in the Aghorie element. Ultimately The worlds meet for the ultimate solution. The highlight of the movie is an unimaginably frank and dark sarcasm at everyone from Jesus to the new Mass star. THE Director shines again with an effort of a lifetime, what with making deaf, dumb, dyslexic,disabled men women and children act talk and dance. Making such a tough film in just 2 years is pure genius. Authenticity just hit an unparalleled high.

Today every Tamilian is proud to be talking the same language in which Bala makes movies. MY SALUTATIONS.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pongal Vasool Analysis

By Elvin Raja – Trade Analyst for C & B


It was no surprise that Selvaraghavan’s magnum opus – Aayirathil Oruvan had cinemas jam packed during the pongal weekend throughout the state. However, the film took a drop from day 2 owing to mixed responses from audience and critics alike. But that could not stop the film from raking in a meaty gross of around 11 crores in week 1.

Selvaraghavan’s protégé Dhanush unfurled his “Kutty” to Tamil audiences during the festive season. It could only muster up a gross of around 5 crores. Disappointing considering the film is a remake of Telugu blockbuster Arya, and has had a favorable response from the family audience.

SPB Charan’s Uber cool ‘Naanayam’ and the action headliner ‘Porkalam’ fetched around 1 crore and 60 lakhs gross across the weekend. ‘Naanayam’ - carrying good reports may just have the legs to finish the race as the winner in the coming weeks.


Aamir Khan’s idiot brigade continues to set the screens on fire as another 30 odd crores were added to the kitty. The distributor share stand at a whopping 90-94 crores and the trade has already declared that the film is a modern day “Sholay”. The Shahid Kapoor – Genelia dance caper ‘Chance Pe Dance’ had a disappointing outing with the film netting 12 crores.


Folks in AP decided to celebrate Sankaranthi with a spate of big releases going head on at the box office. The box office was led by Junior NTR starrer ‘Adhurs’ with a superb gross of around 16 crores, followed by Venkatesh’s ‘Namo Venkatesa’ with a gross of around 12 crores, both have been certified hits. The disappointment was provided by Ravi Teja’s nadodigal remake ‘Shambo Shiva Shambo’ which could only muster 5 crores.


Avatar continues to shatter records and is now officially the biggest Hollywood film in India dethroning 2012. The gross receipt stands at a dazzling 103 crores. Avatar is all set to re – write box office history in next couple of weeks as records continue to tumble.

Salman Khan’s hotly anticipated Period - war film ‘Veer’ was only big release on Friday. The initial reports indicate a good opening across the single screens; however the multiplex business has to be seen as the week progresses.

Elvin Raja has been exhibiting and distributing films for the last 3 years. (Figures mentioned are approximate values only)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Silambarasan’s role in Ko has been revealed! According to sources close to the Ko unit, the actor will play a press photographer. Silambarasan has, in fact, started his home work and is learning the various aspects about the camera and the life of press photographers.

Ko is produced by RS Infotainment and the mega phone is wielded by KV Anand. The film is set to start rolling very soon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Shilpa, co-owner of Rajasthan Royals, Preity Zinta, co-owner of the Kings XI Punjab and Lalit Modi were addressing a press conference to announce the tie-up between the IPL and Colors Television for post match coverage.

When the media wanted to know the reason behind the owners of the IPL teams boycotting Pakistani players, Shilpa Shetty said that the owners of the IPL teams decided not to bid for the Pakistani players as they could not take up the onus of their security. She was quoted as saying, “We wanted the players to be in the country and at that point of time we were more worried about security. We did not want to take onus for their security.”

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sherlock Holmes film review

Having read various books and short stories of Sherlock Holmes in my childhood days, i was kind of a Holmes fan. But i was in for a shock when i started watching Guy Ritchie's modern interpretation of the super sleuth. It was all the same but totally different. That's how Guy Ritchie works.

The story goes like Lord Blackwood(Mark Strong) returns from the grave after being hanged after being caught by Holmes(RDJ) for a series of murders using black magic. After his return he takes different ways to kill people magically until Holmes with the help of Watson(Jude Law) & Irene Adler(Rachel Mc Adams) prove that “throughout history, every mystery ever solved has turned out to be… not magic!”.

Earlier reviews made me believe Holmes was an action hero, but after watching the movie except for the occasional fistcuffs, he remained effete, proper and most importantly intellectual as ever. Robert Downey Jr. was the best choice for this role and he is having a time of his life post Iron Man and everything he touches is gold.

I loved the way Watson was portrayed in the film rather than the book where he plays second fiddle. Jude Law's Watson is sharp, snappy, intelligent and every bit equal to Holmes on all tasks. This detailing meant that there was less need of explanation.

Mark Strong as Lord Blackwood has to be given credit. He is as dark as his character wanted him to be. I loved him in Rock n Rolla and he has impressed me yet again.

The rest of the characters have very less to do and Rachel McAdams(Irene Adler) was used in this movie just to provide her more space in the sequel where Holmes goes on a mission to get Prof. Moriarty(rumored to be played by Brad Pitt in the Sequel).

The camaraderie between the lead actors is amazing. Some scenes were just too good. The fight scene in the arena where Holmes hits a man for spitting at the back of his head and the scene where they get blown off deserve special mention. Music by Hans Zimmer is awesome and the soundtrack is too good to be forgotten. An Oscar awaits. Guy Ritchie's dialogues are crisp and witty as ever and that to an extent makes this film work wonders.

Overall its a film which presents a all new Holmes like never seen before.

And for all those asking the verdict is "Elementary Mr.Watson, Just go for it!!!"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Up In The Air Review

Watching UP IN THE AIR will teach you the stark reality of life. Ryan Bingham(George Clooney) has a job that leaves him traveling around the country firing people from their jobs. He is an expert in doing the same and really loves what he is doing until his company plans to ground all its workers and implement video conferencing to fire people. This does not go well with Bingham and he wants to teach Natalie Keener(Anna Kendrick),who gives the idea of video conferencing how in reality his job works. So he takes her as his assistant and travels around the country firing people and in the process they learn a thing or two about the lives they live.

George Clooney is charming as ever playing Ryan Bingham, be it him giving the motivational Unpacking your Backpack speech or the scene where in the beginning he tells you what his job his. The film belongs to Clooney, who conveys the life of emptiness of a charming man to a T. This according to me is his best performance ever.

Vera Farmiga has a well constructed role of playing Clooney's friend, which she has delivered without much hiccups. Don't be surprised if she lands an Oscar.

Anna Kendrick portrays the present youth before your eyes. Confused, always questioning and stealing your hearts. Watch out for this girl in the future. The real winner is the script peppered with some wonderful dialogues which are deemed to be the best of the year and an awesome screenplay by Jason Reitman. This is by far Jason's best and let us hope the best is yet to come.

Even after you finish watching the movie the characters stay with you for a long time. UP IN THE AIR is definitely one of the best movies you will ever watch in your lifetime!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kamal releases a book

Meenal Publishing House, Karur has released their first set of publications on January 22nd at the Book Point Auditorium. The books Thorn and Room were released by Kamal Haasan. While Yohei Sasakawa, the Chairman Nippon Foundation, Japan, received the book Thorn from Kamal, Easwaramoorthy IPS, SP, CBI, Chennai received the book Room. Another book Nerkkanal was released by Na. Muthuswamy and received by Chinna-k-Kuthusi.

The translators Latha Ramakrishnan, Shubashree Desikan and designer Santhosh were also honored during the function. Kamal delivered the keynote address.

Earlier, the publisher, Ayyannar, welcomed the gathering.The all rounder in acting is proving is that he is versatile writer too/

Friday, January 22, 2010

Porkalam film review

Porkalam which has nothing in the movie

Movie starts in Lanka a place in andra where the tamil peoples live in andra. a girl will escapes from lanka who was suppose to marry sampath the villian of the movie .at the time she meets kishore and sathyan .sathyan the one who is all in all for kishore .the girl will stay in kishores home kishore will do some social service and will become vry popular by media and the people will consider him a hero following with a bgm yaro a point the girl comes to her and gives a love letter but he suddendnly go to police and says that i dono this girl and leaves in police station at the time sampath comes and get the girl and goes to lanka.thn sathyan askes why did u left her to the rowdies at that time there will be a twist never expected that is rajesh comes and says that kishore is blind intermission

at the second half a small flashback where they'll be in thailand her mothers ambition is to visit india but he dies seeing her accident kishore will get blind thn after hell be growing with no ones help and no one knows he is blind thn he comes to india and the flash back ends:pthn hero and sathyan goes to lanka and lots of funny scenes will be comming scene by scene oh sorry serious scees which luks funny:P then happy endings which is known for tc audience

better avoid.......

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Adhurs Film Review

I wud like to a give short review for this movie . 1st Chari char rocks then Bhramanandam 's Comedy + Villainism towards the end .

This is one perfect Movie for the entire family & Sankranthi Treat for Die Hard NTR fans . Through thr story is a repeat of many old hindi flicks , the racy screenplay & Comedy scenes makes this movie watchable once .

what makes this one a decent Entertainer is that this is free frm Violence which is usually there in all NTR movies + Vulgar dual Meaning dialogues . His Brahmin char CHARI was very well done by him using the correct slang & other character was done well without any over action or using his family name , thank god there were no punch dialogues which usually features in all his previous movies .

Songs were good but 2 of slowed down pace , i felt they were unnecessarily inserted .

DSP 's BGM rocked for Action Sequences too much of rope sequences .

Climax was a bit let down as it cud have been shot in another way .

As Usual NTR rocked when it comes to his flexible dance movements , It is really a treat to watch his dance on screen .

Technically Camerawork & editing were slick as the movie is not long dragging one . it is just 155 mins . 2nd half was better than 1st half due to comedy of errors seen in many double action movies .

The Making Values re great shows that Movie is taken lavishly , the Art Direction was superb for songs & DI & VFX works done perfectly .

Climax was a bit let down , expected cant help

Overall , A Mass entertainer with overdose of comedy

Rating : 3 / 5

BO Verdict : Super Hit for sure

Overall watchable Movie with family & friends

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kutty Film Review

KUTTY is the first movie which i watched in the year 2010. Had lot of expectations on this movie, since its a remake of super hit telegu movie Arya. But Kutty didnt satisfy the expectations due to various reasons.

Story Analysis:

Its all about triangular love story that happens in the college campus with some twist and turns. Kutty(Dhanush) falls in love with geetha(shriya) at first sight. But geetha loves another guy in the same college. Then movie is all about how our hero wins the heroine's heart and the movie ends there.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Dhanush played the lead role, and this kind of college going student role is not new to him. But towards the second half he tried to act, but looked so funny and artificial. He just tried to imitate allu arjun in many scenes who played the lead role in original version.Shriya played female lead role, its gr8 to see her wearing costumes which covers her full body and doing homely role. She did her part well, but her lip movement didn't match with dubbing voice in many places.

Music by devi sri prasad was not up to the mark, songs were below average and had lot of telegu smell. I don't know what for devi sri prasad used bommarilu background music in this movie in most of the places. Director Mithran jewahar didnt do a good job when compared to his previous work in yaaradi ne mohoni. I think the director and actor might be over confidence with the script since its a block buster hit in tollywood.

General Analysis:

Scene by scene they copied from the original version.As i said early it should be named as retake but not remake. I don't know for how many more years our directors are gonna do the same when remaking a movie from other languages. A good director should take the story of the original version,, and build his own screenplay,dialogues, costumes etc., only then the movie will look lively and suit tamil audience. Kutty too faced the above mentioned problem. But still its a kind of movie which can be seen once along with full family.

Expected No Of Successful Run: 30 Days

Verdict: Below Average

My Ratings:3/5

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nanayam Review

A full length story on bankrupt makes us eager to know from which Hollywood movie was it inspired or copied as they have at least a couple of movies every year grinding the same plot with different fantasy technology to rob a bank. In Indian slang, a technical way of bank robbery.

A trustworthy bank called Trust bank is the target set here to rob and who/why/how it's done makes the story of Naanayam. Sakthi S Rajan, an assistant to Mysskin has handled this plot in the best possible way he can. He has designed the script with a bunch of suspense and he breaks them then and there to make the screenplay interesting. But before he does that we can easily predict a few at least and know what will happen next? He has inspired the concept of vault and the security systems from a bunch of holly flicks like Oceans series. But it's good on his part that he cared to explain about the plan in a better way so that the audience doesn't think it's yet another fantasy movie. But unveiling too many suspences in one short time could have been avoided during the climax. He has connected the series of incidents in a neat screenplay to justify the bottom-line.

Prasanna, yet again proved that he is a very good actor. A neat role of a bank official has been perfectly done by the young man. He looked calm and matured in the way he handles things. Sibiraj, on the other hand, the role he opted was a good change from his usual stereotypes but still he carries the same voice modulation just like his father. With his physique, he can be a real contender for the top villains in the market. The way he tries nayyaandi nakkal just reminds us his father's style. SPB's character forms the central plot of the movie and he didn't much screen presence to make but has done a decent job. The other henchmen in the movie were decent enough for their role. Ramya Sai was pleasing at places but Suchi's voice didn't suit her at all. Likewise, Charan's voice didn't suit one of the henchmen either.

James Vasanthan is a biggest disappointment for the movie. Except for the master song Naanayam no other song were pleasing. To be honest, neither the song in that situation nor the song itself was pleasing. Background score was pretty decent and quite apt for the movie. Editing was very good especially the fade in-out was used efficiently in the movie. Cinematography was good as well and nothing extra ordinary for the script.

On the whole, though the movie's screenplay moves a bit slow, it's not a lengthy movie to make you sit for hours and it's definitely value for your money with an interesting bank robbery drama.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Endhiran ready for release in july

It’s official that 90 percent of ‘Endhiran’ is complete and the film will soon hit the screen. Also we have some news on ‘Endhiran’ previously unheard. Though the stills released or leaked so far didn’t give a clue to the film we come to know that it will be a treat to all fans with Rajini doing two things he knows best. Comedy and action.

The first part is said to be very humorous in the inimitable Rajini style. Santhanam gives company to Rajini in ‘Endhiran’ the way Vivek did in ‘Sivaji’. Punch dialogues are left to Santhanam as in ‘Sivaji’. So expect some clean high class hilarious moments. And we know how good the super star is in comedy scenes. If the first half is light the second half will compensate for it with pulsating actions. ‘Endhiran’ is going to be a wholesome entertainer.

Also the new young look of the Super Star is making news. The latest pictures released show Rajini and Aishwarya in vibrant costumes with the help of Hollywood technicians who worked for films like ‘Batman Returns’ and ‘Men In Black’. It is thrilling to see an absolutely handsome Rajini as we have seen in films like ‘Gayatri’ and ‘Billa’ in those days. Two songs were picturised in never been to locations in Hawaii Islands and Brazil.

‘Endhiran’ film has strengthened the relationship of Rajini and Shankar much stronger. It has moved beyond Actor-Director levels, one reason could be the similarity between them.

Shankar also has deviated from a usual Rajini film happening with ‘Endhiran’. Usually all Rajini films in recent times were shot either out of Tamil Nadu or overseas. But to the joy of Rajini fans Shankar shot a lot of portions in and around Chennai.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aayirathil Oruvan

A never b4 attempt in tamil cinema......for a small sum of 35 crores the output is more than convincing......i dont wanna reveal the story..........but with what we all saw in the trailor...ur guesses wil go wrong...the movie has some unexpected turns...unexpected negative roles time travel n all as discussed by others in TCC.

without karthi this movie would ve been a serious one in the first half.....there r some nude scenes also which were also terribly disturbin(u wil know when u watch).....parthipan is the special package of this movie..his eyes wil speak everything...artwork has worked overtime for this movie.....without this dept the movie would have flunked.....dialogues ellam very hard to understand

graphics was good...(snake scene specifically).........only in two scenes graphics was dull.... an arena scene or a war scene may remind u of a few hollywood movies...however the comparison wil end only with the setting...whatever that happens within those places is a fanastic visualization of selva......and r history is always surrounded by lots of mystical and magical elements...some r present here also....we have to accept it...real time magic itself is shown in this movie

+ves: art direction,costumes,parthipan,camera work,graphics,karthi, and finally selva's fantasy elements

-ves role weightage of andrea goes down in the second half,length of the movie(second half was a bit dragging)...editin at some places....

a special mention to the story.....the story has no flaws.....everythin was tied up properly(that depends on ur understanding level).......but screenplay in the second half was a bit dragging.......

overall.....this is the first innovative tamil movie in terms of story and genre...if this movie becomes a blockbuster then we r gonna see new changes in TC....

N watch out for PARTHIPAN'S INTRO one in the movie

Saturday, January 16, 2010

shankar's explaination on stanwinstons role..

Hi Everyone…

Ubhayakusalobhari!!! (UBKS)
(Its a Sanskrit word used by Ambi in ANNIYAN. Meaning: – I am fine… Everything ok here… Hope you and your family doing well… etc… etc…)

Most of you have asked about Stanwinston Studios role in Endhiran.

Yes. Endhiran is the first Indian movie to use Stanwinston Studio’s Animatronics technology. We all are proud and happy to be associated with No.1 Hollywood studio who did a great job in movies like Jurassic Park, Predator, Terminator, Ironman and the recent Avatar.

Myself, Rajini sir and our Technical crew have been at Los Angeles for couple of weeks at Stanwinston Studios for scanning, make-up test and preproduction works in July 2008. We all are excited that we are working at the place where Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger have worked.

After 1½ half years of preparatory work a group of top technicians came to Sun Studio’s Chennai sets and worked around for 4 months. 22 scenes of Endhiran Movie have been shot using Animatronics and Special Make-ups. Most of Important scenes was shot lively with Rajini sir using Animatronics without CGI.

At the end of the day Stanwinston people told that they are very happy that Endhiran movie utilized maximum animatronics techniques in so many scenes in all possible ways, which is very rare in Hollywood too… Cool….

Wish you all a very very Happy Pongal…!!!

And my pongal is on the sets with Rajini Sir, Ash and Endhiran crew.
Today we are having shooting.

C U again ASAP.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Rajinikanth rocks in kerala

On Monday (Jan 11) morning superstar Rajinikanth flew to Thiruvananthapuram for one day work for his Shankar directed Sun Pictures Endhiran (Robot).

Rajini who arrived in a Paramount Airways flight around 11am in the morning went straight to KINFRA Park (the equivalent of Tidel Park in Chennai) in Kazhakootam.

The superstar had to do “Motion Capturing” for Endhiran’s animation part towards the climax. It means using six to seven cameras to get his facial structure, body movement correct and mix it with the animation. In other words finally when we see it on screen the ‘Robot’ he plays will look real and lifelike.

Inside the KINFRA office he signed autographs and also posed for pictures with the techies who were awed by him. When the word spread that Rajinikanth is in town nearly 5000 people turned up outside the huge gates of KINFRA, just to get a glimpse of the superstar!

He went out and waved to the crowd and made their day. The superstar after finishing his work flew back to Chennai the same night.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bala vs Ameer vs Selvaraghavan

Bala - sethu was excellent..but i would rate pithamagan an edge better becuse it had absoultely no commercial compromises except for the parts invloving surya/laila and that unwanted simran seuquences which goes for about 5 mins..

Selva-has been an "improving" director...kathal konden..7-G..pudhupettai..excellent improvisation in each and every film..he is gonna rule tamil cinema for years..

Ameer-firstly I didnt like mounam pesiyathe by any means except for the characterization of surya..and had an amateurish climax..and ram was good except for the cloimax whicch could have been done much well..paruthiveeran is his best till date..but i would say its kind of too early to predict ameer..i would say selva and bala are much ahead of ameer..

Monday, January 11, 2010

Endhiran’ almost complete, is full of surprises: director Shankar

Director Shankar, who has been tight-lipped so far about his action-packed sci-fi Tamil film “Endhiran” starring superstar Rajnikant and Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai, reveals that the movie is almost finished and has lots of surprises in store for the audience.
“‘Endhiran’ is almost complete. 90 percent of the shooting is over,” Shankar wrote on his blog

“I have just finished the action sequences of the film ‘Endhiran’ in Pune and Lonawala. both the leading artists of the film were present during the shooting,” he wrote.

Shankar has also uploaded some of the stills of the film on his blog. This is said to be the first official release of the stills of the movie.

A year ago some pictures taken surreptitiously during the shooting of a song in Peru in South America were released and Shankar had protested, saying it was a pirated work.

Shankar launched the blog Jan 1 in a bid to interact with his fans.

The other sections of the blog that will update fans about the progress on the film have not been activated yet.

“While (his last blockbuster) ‘Sivaji’ was about black money and corruption, ‘Endhiran’ is about an andro humanoid robot Prem. The first half of ‘Endhiran’ is full of surprises. The second half is a roller coaster ride,” he wrote.

The director also promises to share information about the making of his magnum opus “Endhiran”.

Being made on a budget of Rs.125 crore, the film has hogged the limelight since it was launched. Sun Pictures is producing it.

Shankar, whose “Sivaji” was released on June 15 in 2007, may screen “Endhiran” in April or June this year.